Antonio Burgess
Archon - Executive council
Hometown - Lake Mary, Florida Birthday - 2/3/1998 Major and Year - Sports Administration, Junior
Getting to know Antonio... HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Hiking, basketball, white water rafting CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Sigma Alpha Lambda. SPAD Association FUTURE AMBITIONS: Have a career in upper management of a professional sports team FAVORITE QUOTE: "The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there" - Vince Lombardi VISION OF THE FUTURE FOR OUR CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA PHI: For our chapter to become one of the highest regarded fraternities on UofL’s campus. To have the best chapter GPA amongst fraternities year in and year out. To place in the top 25 amongst all Pi Kapp chapter in fundraising for The Ability Experience/ And to be known for building the best young leaders for the future.
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