Formal Rush: At the beginning of each semester, IFC sponsors a week called Rush that is designed to be a fun and easy way for you to become familiar with the fraternity and brothers of Pi Kappa Phi. Rush is very informal and relaxed, requires an online registration. Every academically eligible man at the University of Louisville can participate regardless of age or year in school. During the nights of rush, Pi Kapp will hold open events where you can come eat dinner, meet the brothers and see what the Pi Kappa Phi has to offer. Your part in Rush is easy - simply show up to the designated location and let the brothers take care of the rest. You’ll get some great food and talk to great people who are interested in learning about who you are and what you do. We encourage you to come back on different days and meet different brothers. The best way to get a feel for what a fraternity is like is by meeting as many of the brothers as possible. Receiving a Bid: A bid is an official invitation to join a fraternity as an associate member (or pledge). If the brothers decide you would be a good fit for the fraternity you will be given a bid. Do not worry about fitting in, be yourself. Generally, the more brothers you meet, the better the fraternity is able to decide if you would be a good fit. Bids are given out all week, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t receive one the first few nights. Also, do not be afraid to ask each chapter how their bid process works and if you are the kind of member they are looking for. FAQs: Do I have to become a brother if I accept my bid? No. The pledge period is a time for you to get to know the fraternity and the fraternity to get to know you. Both have the option of ending the pledge period with no further obligation at any time if situations arise. How long is the pledge process? Roughly eight weeks - During that time, you will learn the history of the fraternity, get to know the brothers and other pledges, and participate in service projects, intramural activities, socials, date nights, mixers, and other aspects of fraternity life. Will I get hazed? Absolutely not. Pi Kappa Phi has a strict no hazing policy. None of us were hazed when we pledged and we will not haze you in any way. We find that not hazing helps strengthen the bonds between pledge classes. We do not want any resentment between pledge classes due to hazing, and we find many of our brothers' best friends pledged in different years than themselves. What is the time commitment associated with pledging? While you are expected to become involved and participate in events with the fraternity, we realize that you are also adjusting to college life at UofL. You will be expected to attend one education meeting a week as well as chapter meetings Sunday night. What if I don't have the time? If anything, a fraternity will help teach you valuable time management and study skills. Fraternity members can offer you help with your classes and will make sure you are studying to get grades equal to your ability. After investing time and effort into you as a pledge, the fraternity is committed to helping you succeed. In addition, the Greek average GPA is higher than the non-Greek GPA, and with older brothers who have already taken the classes you take, finding help is extremely easy and studying with your brothers makes it go by a lot quicker. How much does it cost to join? You will find that the cost associated with joining a fraternity is reasonable. Your semester will cost $400(payment plans available). This might seem like a lot but think about all you are getting. Some of your money goes to brotherhood retreats, date nights, mixers or socials, and fraternity events. The remaining part of your dues will go towards many activities that you and your fellow brothers will do. What should I wear to rush? Rush is very informal, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in. The final night of rush is formal wear and bid night!
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